The Council for Non–Governmental Organisations (Congoma) has advised the government to stop using last year’s July 20 deaths as a campaign tool, but should instead address issues that led to the demonstrations.

Congoma chairperson Voice Mhone said the delegates agreed that government should not gain political mileage over the deaths that occurred during last year’s July 20 demonstrations.

“We agreed to call upon the government to stop using the July 20 killings as a campaign tool. Rather, it should concentrate on implementing the resolutions of the dialogue which took place after the demonstrations in a transparent and accountable manner.

“What we see is that the government is using such deaths as a campaign tool, but the issues that were in the July 20, 2011 petition are still not addressed,” Mhone said.

He, among others, cited fuel problems and inequitable use of Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC).

“Apart from the Chancellor College academic freedom standoff, most of the issues in the July petition are still not addressed. We asked to be involved in the implementation of the recommendations of the dialogue process but nothing like that is happening.

“Shortages of drugs, fuel and forex are still there. We have just seen how the ruling People’s Party monopolised MBC during the Mzimba by-elections campaign. Had we been involved, I don’t think these things would be resurfacing,” Mhone said.

Minister of information Moses Kunkuyu could not be reached on his mobile phone numbers yesterday, for government’s reaction on Congoma’s resolutions.

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