Peoples Party candidate Aaram Beza not allowed to vote in Mzimba Central bye-elections and was sent back, but will still win the elections.

There were other reports where voters were refused to vote, mainly due to voters not appearing on the voters roll.

In some cases, people from other constituencies also stormed the polling stations but were being sent back.

Other intruders included people who transferred to the constituency but already voted in other constituencies, like in the case of PP candidate Beza.

Most reports indicate that the voting went on smoothly.

Malawi Electoral Commission’s Electoral Services Committee chairperson Emmanuel Chinkwita Phiri said the irregularities being noted in the by-elections will help them prepare for 2014 elections.

“If there are any irregularities or any problems, they will help us prepare for 2014 elections as we are also focussing on 2014,” said Phiri.

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