After five years of waiting, Andiamo Education Institutions (AEI) finally won the sixth edition of Hope trophy today 27 October 2012 that is sponsored by Andiamo Youth Cooperative Trust (AYCT).

Seven Secondary Schools around Balaka took part in the competition this year and Andiamo Education Institutions emerged winners with 48 points. Balaka Secondary School came second with 25 points and Phalula Secondary school was third with 10 points.

In this year’s competition, a rare talent has been discovered in the name of Eneres Aufi. Eneres competed as a guest runner in 1500 and 800 metres races. In both competitions, she finished on position one.

Eneres is a standard eight student at Mbera Primary School. She is the second born in a family of seven. Having been moved by her talent, AEI office has offered her a full scholarship at Andiamo Secondary School starting from next year if she is not selected to go to a government school.

Also present during the games and the presentation of the prizes was Mark Ephraim Mzengo, a FIFA Fitness Instructor based in Botswana and his wife, Ruth Mzengo who is a National Sports Development Officer.

Speaking before the presentation of the prizes, Ruth Mzengo described Hope Trophy as a unique programme because the trophy involves all age groups and has since promised that national sports council of Malawi is ready to support the organisers of Hope Trophy.

“We are ready to offer you a course any time you are ready,” says Mzengo

The games which were competed for this year are 3000m for boys, 1500m for girls, shot put, 100m (heat) for both boys and girls, triple jump, 800m for both boys and girls, javelin, long jump and relay race 200m by 4 for boys and girls.

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