Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has called the current leadership as failed administration in its seven months which it has been in power.

DPP press release made available to Face of Malawi pointed out some areas which the current administration has failed which among others include the rule of law and human rights, violation of freedom of expression, economic prudence and governance, the fertilizer subsidy, respect of women and the residential and opposition convoy.

The press statement was handed out at a news conference held in Blantyre on October 29 which was addressed by party acting President Peter Mutharika, vice president Jean Klairani, George Chaponda, and Kondwani Nakhumwa.

The statement indicates that DPP issued another statement to the Joyce Banda administration calling her to approach challenges facing the nation with seriousness and clear sense of purpose but the president and her peoples Party have not responded positively to those calls.

“The DPP notes with concern that the President and her Peoples Party have not responded positively to our calls made simply in the assumption of our role as a constructive opposition in the country. We are surprised with the continued executive arrogance and refuses to address the following issues, which are also the concerns of all Malawians,” reads the statement in part.

Rule of Law and Human Rights
The statement points out that the appointment to ministerial and public offices of the individuals who had criminal cases pending against them is a sad development that completely undermines the justice system in the country.

“It is the view of the DPP that President Joyce Banda should not have appointed Atupele Muluzi, Ralph Kasambara and Dr Cassim Chilumpha to ministerial positions when she was fully aware that these individuals had not been cleared by a court of law,” it further reads.

DPP further questioned the removal of some individuals from public offices which they deemed as political dismissals.

The statement in part reads “In addition, the Banda Administration has illegally removed individuals from public offices for political reasons and replaced them on the basis of political patronage and nepotism.
Jean Klairani, George Chaponda,

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