Government of the Scotland has issued the following press release:

Scotland’s commitment to aiding Malawi in combating climate change and developing renewable energy has been extended.
Two specialists from the Scottish Government will be seconded to the African state from next year to advise their government following discussions between Scottish and Malawian Environment Ministers at the Rio+20 conference.

The announcement follows Education Secretary Michael Russell meeting a number of major international aid donors to the country to discuss collaboration and co-ordination on renewables, building on previous investment from the Scottish Government.
Mr Russell said:

“Scotland is a world leader in renewable energy and tackling climate change, we have a wealth of expertise in both areas.
“As part of our commitment to aid the development of Malawi, I am delighted to be able to provide the country with the expertise of two specialists who, for a short period next year, will help the country make progress in the areas vital to ensuring a sustainable future for the planet.

“Furthermore, 93 percent of the population of Malawi, do not have access to electricity. Through this initiative Scotland will help Malawi extend access to electricity across the nation in a sustainable way that does not add to carbon emissions and protects against fluctuations in the cost of fossil fuels.”

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