President Mugabe has attacked husbands and wives teams calling themselves prophets and prophestesses saying there were now too many people masquerading as prophets in Zimbabwe.

Mugabe said only few people can be real prophets with the vast majority being fake.

There could be some who we can say God gave them powers of prophesy, but these are very few,” said President Mugabe.

“Also in some churches you hear that a husband and his wife are prophet and prophetess.

The President said there were too many people who claimed to be prophets in Zimbabwe yet in the Bible they were not that many.
“Now the prophets are all over the country. If they are true prophets)let them tell us where these curses (njodzi) befalling us are coming from. Children are perishing due to various diseases such as Aids, cholera. The prophets should tell us how to overcome these?” said the President, leaving mourners in stitches.

He said some Pentecostal churches in the country were extorting gifts from their followers by making it mandatory for them to “give” to their leaders.

“Educated people, degreed people, they believe in some of these Pentecostal churches,” said President Mugabe.

He said this on Sunday at Manyene Holy Cross in Chikomba while addressing mourners at the burial of the First Lady Grace Mugabe’s aunt, Mrs Mavis Mugadza.

President Mugabe said there were also dubious spirit mediums. “There are others who think that they are our spirit mediums, He said, under the influence of mbanje, some “spirit mediums” would pretend to be possessed

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