‘Scandals eating up artists’ credibility’


It takes years to build a reputation yet a short time to destroy it.

In this regard, artists should strive to safeguard their career if they are to sustain outstanding characters both in their individual lives and in the business world.

This has been observed by Musicians Association of Malawi (Mam) president Reverend Chimwemwe Mhango in his assessment on the impact of scandals and blunders committed by different artists especially musicians in the country.

“Given that an artist’s potential and credibility is 100 percent, they lose a 50 percent when entangled in a scandal. This might not be noticeable but it is a huge damage which is inflicted on them,” said Mhango.

For a long time, Malawian artists have been rocked in scandals without realising their impact on their personal lives and careers.

But Mhango noted a significant loss of morale, credibility, depression and bad image in the music industry as serious effects that are caused by scandalous lifestyles.

He said that a good reputation is a source for a vibrant career in the industry.

“I am not condemning artists as sinners for they are also mere human beings that are prone to shame. But a good reputation is the bottom line for a successful career for any artist.

“It builds trust in people that you serve with your particular service like music. But it becomes dangerous to note that artists are entangled in needless scandals or blunders that cost them dearly,” said Mhango.

Mhango cited a breach of contracts as some examples of factors that ruin the promising careers of artists.

“Imagine, what kind of company can employ an artist as their brand ambassador if they are all over committing scandals in town? Companies or individuals want to associate themselves with good things that will earn them substantial growth.

“The act of breaching contracts by some artists which results in absconding events, for example, seems to be a minor thing yet can cause a big harm to one’s career. Such conduct can discourage prospective companies to hire your services in fear of the unknown due to the history of crooked life,” warned Mhango.

Asked about mechanisms that have been adopted by the musicians’ body to protect the reputation of its artists in the country, Mhango said:

“That’s one of the areas that this new administration wants to strictly look into in order to build a professional face of the country’s musicians. By next year will be able to defend some of the scandals committed by artists because not all the accusations are true. We would also like to create a platform where artists could be interviewed and investigated within Mam in order for the body to have an official stand on such scandals.

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