A mysterious object is reported to have passed through the sky in some parts of the central region causing a strange light and loud bang last night. People say the object proceeded toward Neighboring Zambia.

Most people who spoke with the media from Mchinji and Kasungu said the object was strange and they could not tell whether it was a meteorite or something else.

Describing the object, an eye witness from Mchinji Mr. Merkisedezi Kadula said the light was so huge that it overwhelmed his energy saver bulbs.

Our reporters in Kasungu and Mchinji also confirmed the incident as having happened at around 7:45 pm last night.

Mchinji Police spokesperson Moses Nyirenda said it was too early to say what the object was, but he suggested it could have meteorite other than anything else.

He said police will investigate with the help of other scientific expert.

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