There is an iron-fist leadership at the College of Medicine Blantyre where students are almost muted to have their grievances heard.

According to the information sourced from some students, it is easy for some one to be weeded for personal reasons other than those of academic if moves to make the management reliable are made.

“There are a lot of things which students are not happy with at this college, for example we are not comfortable with the current allowance of K30 000 which is very little compared to the current living status. Just imagine food has gone up to K300 breakfast per day and K450 lunch as well as super per day.

“People have to fight for accommodation at the school and sometimes money has to exchange hands and yet when one tries to cry out, he or she s forced to repeat a class or even weeded for no apparent reason at all,” said the source.

He added that there s a needy student who has no fees and while he was told to be attending classes his Malswitch card was blocked every month meaning that he could not have access to food at the compass.

“After end of semester exams, the administration wanted him weeded but he was lucky because he passed with very bright colours but everyone was astonished to see that the student was forced to repeat class.

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