President Joyce Banda was told by her spiritual guru, T.B Joshua soon after coming into the presidency that she would be president for only two years. President Banda’s strategy is to make the most of the two years she has as President.

Joyce Banda trusts T.B Joshua so much that this is the reason she is arrogant and unconcerned about doing things that matter to Malawians. She was advised that her primary goal should be to amass enough wealth so that she can retire in affluence.

The President also cannot stop giving maize and flour to people because she was told told to do as much charity deeds as possible as the offerings for her taking over the presidency is the manner she did.

According to a highly placed source at the State House, Joyce Banda does not really care about popularity or 2014. All her talk in that regard is just a smokescreen. Her main concern is to make sure that she leaves office a very rich woman.

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