The People’s Transformation Party (PETRA) is outraged by the appointment of the Vice President, Right Honourable Khumbo Kachali as responsible for the Electoral Commission. Not only is the appointment unconstitutional but a blatant violation of the Republican Constitution which the President swore to defend and uphold when she took over the presidency on 7th of April 2012.

Section 76 subsection 4 of the Republican Constitution states:

“The Electoral Commission shall exercise its powers, functions and duties under this section independent of any direction or interference by other authority or any person.”

No doubt this appointment will seriously compromise the integrity of the activities of the Commission more so with the 2014 elections fast approaching. Recently a senior PP official uttered words at a Presidential function in Balaka to the effect that ‘individuals who make Presidents win in Malawi are now within the PP fold.’ These are most disturbing utterances and do not speak well of PP and democracy in Malawi.

It clearly shows the JB administration is geared to negatively influence the 2014 elections in a desperate bid to remain in power.

Coupled with this bizarre appointment are the new Presidential oversight roles vis a vis the Government Print and National Registration which in our view are part of the same scheme. The explanation offered by the State President cannot simply be believed as it is coming from an interested party. In any election, perceptions in favor of any political Party whether real or not are a big threat to that Election, the security and peace of the Nation in reference.

PETRA therefore demands:

1. The immediate rescission of the VPs appointment to oversee the activities of the Electoral Commission, and
2. The immediate detachment of the Government Print and National Registration from the Office of President.
PETRA is equally disenchanted by a bloated cabinet of 36 member s when the economy is in very bad shape. Malawi does not require a battalion of Deputy Ministers and clearly they are an unwelcome burden on the already heavily taxed Malawian taxpayer. The big cabinet makes a mockery of the Economic Recovery Plan as it will just exacerbate the already ailing economy which the PP government is clueless on how to make it rebound.

Kamuzu Chibambo

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