Joyce Banda loses round one


The People’s Party is a bereaved grouping. From President Joyce Banda to economic asylum seekers that she and her party uses as front-line strategists online, they, today, have tear-drenched hearts. They are very angry. The outcome of the DPP convention has annoyed them. Their preferred and choicest candidate was floored almost battered toothless. That will be what will happen again should the PP continue to believe its fortunes must depend on what happens in other parties.

By praising Chimunthu Banda instead of simply concentrating on distributing cows in Phalombe on Tuesday this week, it should have occurred automatically to President Banda, if she had a large head and depth of thought, that by recommending to the DPP which opponent she would rather meet in 2014 she was betraying the Speaker.

An enemy does not tell you the kind of opponent you must choose for him, if it is not to alert you that the enemy knows the advantages he has got over the preferred opponent.

How then did President Banda and her criers think that the DPP convention would be naïve to heed such entreaties and deliver to them the kind of candidate they relished?

President Banda will need to begin to learn the ropes of a sophisticated mind, the kind that resonates with the demands and fundamentals of the times, to avoid employing primary-school approaches in the business of the political game.

And to see her doctors of spin, if they are not patients of spin at best, could pick that low class presidential cue and replicate it in its full lengths and widths in their pandering for Chimunthu Banda makes for some of the most disappointing suspicion that the PP is suffering from the malnutrition of mental and strategic resources.

It is a revelation that helps the DPP to know that the man they chose yesterday to lead in their attack line in the ball game of 2014 is feared by President Banda and her party, and for that reason the DPP has been given the advantages of knowledge it badly needs to set its strategies in place around their candidate while stocking its anticipation regarding what the PP will throw at them.

President Banda needs to quickly graduate from the classroom of a routine thinker to be able to realise that routine approaches to politics, the kind that makes the hyena always to come after dead carcasses, will only arm a dangerous boomerang that will exploded in her surprised face.

The electorate of today has quite advanced its reach of knowledge and penetration on issues that just some lazy and political posturing even by the President won’t work on them.

The DPP convention proved thus yesterday.

Instead of believing that by being the President she possesses the wherewithal to manipulate political parties to give her weak candidates, Madam Banda must awaken to the painful reality that winners only compete with and beat the best.

If she thinks she is the best that has ever happened to this country, let her test and prove that mettle against the best that other parties will throw at her.

Not her preferred weaklings!

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