Chimunthu Banda wasn’t only defeated he was routed. PP must take responsibility for Prof. Peter Mutharika’s shellacking of Kamunthu banda. I am now more than ever convinced that if PP camp doesn’t put its house together they will be in for a total shock come 2014. There are two competing factions within its political advising team aka strategists. One faction composed of old school folks who believe money buys everything and the so called “new kids on the block” faction who for the life of me strongly believe because they have the presidency on their side everything is possible—they­ can do anything—they­ own the world. You guessed it right. The ones who make the loudest noise in these online forums. By the way, their voices carry the heaviest weight at capital hill. This flamboyant group wrongly or rightly think because they know how to write and they can influence sympathetic newspapers and radio stations to trash their opponents on their behalf and then their work is done. Naivety at best. They are trapped in the bubble of the power of the presidency thereby losing touch with ordinary voter’s aspirations and dreams. Well, let me go back to the old school faction folks first and give them a friendly reminder—mone­y can’t buy you one’s party love and loyalty. As for the new kids on the block faction–I know you are learning the trade but know this basic rule in political campaigns—alw­ays set a tone of cooperation rather than confrontation when you are in the incumbent president’s strategy room. I saw it with my own eyes, I lived it and I experienced it not long ago.

Our good professor is now emboldened by the commanding mandate he received yesterday by his party followers and the only way to slow his just acquired momentum and fame is through discipline. This two factions above ought to go back to the drawing board on how to deal with this monster they have just created without noticing it. To quote one of the members of the “new kids on the block” on MMMV verbatim ‘ Amai has many tools on her sleeve, just wait, you will see.” No, she doesn’t! If this mentality persist I am afraid, PP will let our mother down next year.

I know you are wondering why do I think PP is solely to blame for the humiliating defeat of our good speaker of parliament honorable kamunthu banda. Think about this, who in his or her right mind will vote for a person perceived to be an opposition plant. What shocked me was the level of naivity among the new kids on block members, they had audacity to flood all media outlets, online forums cheered on by party supporting online newspapers and proclaim loudly that their candidate kamunthu banda will win. I am saying this because I love you guyz and I would hate to see amai packing back to Zomba if she is lucky after tasting this oozing power. I love her very much and I don’t want to see the same comedy repeating itself–Kachali­ begging Peter or Atupele to join their party because all his business contracts dried up. Cow offerings from this guy who specializes in this type of pleasing current presidents. Sorry I forgot his name and the list of usual players goes on and on.

Please spare me a minute and reflect. You must work hard for amai if voters were to reward you. Otherwise believe you me, the sweet taste of power and fame will melt away like ice cream in the middle of October heat in Malawi. My advice to all these two factions–don’t­ spend time trashing your opponent, define them. Be patient, work hard in growing the party other than dishing out handouts. Teach the elecorate how to fish and they will remember your candidate in the voting booth. Give them a cow for a week’s meal, they will forget after eating the last bone and remember you when they go back eating therere. I bet you, I have confused you. Now that they know you have a lot of cows that you decided to give out some and yet they are eating therere while you are enjoying a steak, oh boy how they will hate you to their gut.

On a serious note, my advice to your candidate of choice at DPP camp kamunthu banda should prove and redeem himself to the party faithfuls very quickly otherwise his stock value will plummet drastically that even amai won’t bother to take him in after being sidelined in his party. If I were him I would revisit sec 65 and asset declaration issue in the next sitting of parliament and redeem myself.

Lastly may I congratulate Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika, oops I was about to say Chitsulo cha njanji for trouncing kamunthu banda at the convention and proving once again critics wrong. The winners here are the people of Malawi. May I also acknowledge one genius Ben Phiri. This young man has singlehandedly defeated the powerful PP machinery. If I were a member of the two factions mentioned above I would surely borrow a leaf from this outstanding strategist. To all winners including young and brilliant friends on these forum, congratulation.­ To the losers, PP won’t take you, stay put, Peter is a good man, he will find something for you folks, just hold your horses.- By Foster F. Fundi

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