If you think you can buy a cheap camera and go about shooting a film without being licenced by relevant authorities, think again.

The Tourism and Culture Ministry has fired warning shots to film makers in Malawi that it is a criminal offence to “make, direct, assist or take part in the making of a film without a film-making permit.”

The ministry said those who will violate this regulation “will be taken to task.”

“It is also a criminal offence to violate the terms and conditions of the film-making permit as issued,” the Ministry said in a statement on Monday, titled ‘Regulations on making films in Malawi’ and signed by secretary for Tourism and Culture, Fletcher Zenengeya.

The Ministry, noting that the the country has a “promising film-making industry which should be supported by all stakeholders in the film making industry,” said the Censorship Board advises all film makers  to “first” apply for a film making permit before undertaking film making.

“This regulation is for both documentary and feature films and is applicable for both local and foreign film making crews,” the ministry said.

Film makers are also required to submit their films for classification before the film is distributed to the market.

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