The United States Embassy under its wing Peace Corps in Malawi graduated 37 Peace Corps volunteers after successfully undergoing eight-week pre-service training in the villages of Kaphaizi and Mangwazu in Kasungu.

The 37 Peace Corps volunteers have joined more than 2,600 Americans who have served in Malawi as Peace Corps Volunteers since the first training group arrived in 1963.

Speaking during the combined health and environment 2013 Pre-Service Training (PST) pass-out ceremony in the area of Sub T/A Kaphaizi headquarters in Kasungu, USA Ambassador Jeanine Jackson said the 37 individuals are geared to positively help in the health, environment and climate change sectors as well as parks and wildlife.

“I’m pleased to welcome the newly recruited group of Peace Corps Volunteers to their service in Malawi and I expect that you will seize opportunities to advance very important work, that of, strengthening the health and well-being of Malawians, building the capacity of individuals, communities and government institutions.

“I also expect from you to realize America’s goal of creating a greater understanding between Americans and Malawians,” Ambassador Jackson said.

Jackson assured the newly recruited group of volunteers that their services would be a life changing experience as volunteers working hand-in-hand with other members of their communities to improve the lives of all.

In his remarks, the Peace Corps Country Director Kevin Novotny re-affirmed support to Malawi and that Peace Corps is truly a journey of the mind, heart, body and soul adding that their new environment and health volunteers have tremendous potential to ensure that people’s lives are changed.

“We will continue supporting Malawi in order to ensure that livelihoods of Malawians are uplifted,” Novotny said.

Kevin highlighted that as this year USA will be celebrating a 50 year-relationship with the government of Malawi, their relationship with Malawi would grow stronger each year and would definitely respond and adapt to the current and changing needs of the government and people of this nation.

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