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Govt. invites applications as Pres. Banda insists Malawi will send workers to Middle East

Pres. Joyce Banda says her government will continue with its plans to export labour to Kuwait and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

There’ve been disagreements between the Malawi Congress of Trade Union (MCTU) and government over the matter with the former accusing the latter of ignoring and sidelining them on the matter in terms of the consultations.

MCTU queried government on a number issues regarding salaries, safety and conditions of service, saying everything should be made clear especially the type of work and if Malawians will be employed as expatriates or locals.

But speaking during this year’s commemoration of the International Labour Day which falls on May 1 at Kamuzu Upper stadium in Blantyre, Pres. Banda said in far as she is concerned her government’s plans to export labour to Middle Eastern countries will come to pass.

She said her government will send young productive Malawians to Middle Eastern countries where they will work as waiters and receptionists among others.

“I have always listened to the concerns and views of Malawians and other civil society groupings on a number of issues, but not on this matter. Government is ready to export young Malawians who are just loafing in our streets to other countries to learn and become experts in the hospitality industry.

“We have decided to export our labour so that in the long run Malawians and our hospitality industry can benefit because these people will also be saving money in dollars and would have become experts in the sector to the benefit of the country.

“My next agenda is to embark on job creation targeting the youth because they constitute the majority of the labour force and yet they face particularly serious challenges in securing employment,” she said.

Meanwhile, government is inviting applications from Malawians who wish to work as waiters, receptionists and housekeepers in the Middle Eastern countries.

“Applicants must be Malawians citizens, have a Malawi Certificate of Education, training in the Hospitality Industry and must be able to communicate in English. They should be between 19 and 40 years o age,” reads advert placed in one of the daily papers.

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