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World Vision sets up programme for people to speak out in Neno

The programme which will be operated under Midzemba Area Development Programme (ADP) aims to incorporate more women and children into its activities to give them the platform to air out their concerns on some of the development shortfalls happening in Neno.

Midzemba ADP Manager Kupingani Kumwenda told a District Executive Committee (DEC) meeting Tuesday that her organization wants to indulge in advocacy activities as one way of fulfilling one of WVI three pillars in development implementation approach.

“This programme will necessitate the interaction between the communities and office bearers working in Neno so that at the end of it, delivery of quality public services is achieved,” she said.

Kupingani also said from the onset of the programme WVI will build capacities of the local people for them to fully understand some of the government policies and that where possible the organization will among other things translate some of the policy documents into vernacular language.

“We need communities to take this approach because it is the only way people would get to know what they are entitled to from their office bearers and also other ways of accessing better service delivery from stakeholders,” said Kumwenda.

The outgoing District Commissioner Mcloud Kadam’manja welcomed the WVI programme in the district, saying it would assist people to exercise their right to demand services from various stakeholders.

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