The Supreme Court will today issue a judgement in a matter where a Lusaka High Court halted proceedings of a tribunal appointed by ailing dictator Michael Sata to investigate the alleged misconduct of Supreme Court judge and two High Court Judges.

This is in a case in which Supreme Court judge, Phillip Musonda, two High Court judges Nigel Mutuna and Charles Kajimanga sued the Attorney General and asked Court to quash Sata’s decision to constitute a tribunal to conduct investigations of their alleged misbehaviour or incompetence.

Sata appointed a Malawian judge Lovemore Chikopa to come and lead the tribunal and has been in Zambia since then at Zambia taxi payers’ expense.

Sata appointed the tribunal after one of the judges issued a ruling ordering Sata’s allies Fred Mmembe and DPP Mugtembo Nchito to pay back the K14 billion loan they owe the Zambia Development bank.

But in her ruling High Court judge Fulgence Chisanga granted the trio leave to seek judicial review in the matter which operated as a stay of Sata’s decision to appoint a tribunal and suspend the judges and any adverse measures against the applicants.

The PF regime appealed to the Supreme Court against Judge Chisanga’s ruling which stopped proceedings of a tribunal to investigate them on allegations leveled against them.

The Supreme court will sit today at 14: 30 hours.

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