Afro-pop star Dan Lufani, widely known in music circles as Dan Lu, created a scene on Tuesday afternoon at Blantyre Magistrates Court when he wanted to beat his divorced wife, Thalisa Chimbalanga after disagreements erupted over his failure to honor court order.The divorced couple, who tied a knot in a colourful wedding two years ago, appeared before Magistrate Diana Mangwana in compliance of court orders on sharing of matrimonial property where the wife was advised to retain the family’s property while the singer was ordered to pay her a business start-up capital.
“I have gone through hell; he beats me and has a string of girlfriends including a sugar Mamie who has promised to sponsor his So What DVD. He likes to save his girlfriends under other music artists’ names. A certain girl was saved as Tay-Grin, another one Cos Chiwalo, Katelele Ching’oma and many more”.She added: “He takes his phone everywhere even to toilet room. Whenever I asked him about the girlfriends, he argues that they are his fans and that is the reason why we are surviving. He is quiet but abusive. He likes to flirts on social media with different girls.” Thalisa told the court.

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