We have a serious issue at hand. The South Korea government has denied that it is in any agreement with their Malawi counterparts for the southern African country to export labor to this Asian country. The denials are in the international media and were not provoked by the Malawian media.

The Malawi Government put out specifications as to who were qualified to embark on these gold hunting trips to Korea and the whole country went frenzy registering at different district headquarters.

As poor as many Malawians are, people sold some household items and livestock in order to fulfill their obligation to have travel papers and documents processed to allow individuals travel.

The issue of exportation of labor to South Korea was one of the highlights during this year’s Labor Day celebrations where President Joyce Banda was the guest of honor.

I give the Malawi Government a benefit of doubt. Our leaders may have not been lying but almost all of us including the youths are anxious to know the truth.

If it’s a deal that has just gone sour, let Malawians know the truth and not be left in suspense the way things are now after the South Korean statement on Thursday/Friday.

Steve Nhlane, Hawa Ndilowe, Ephraim Mganda Chiume, James Kalirangwe & Eunice Makangala can we please get statements from your offices, you can’t let us continue to guess.

by Innocett Mawaya

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