Gone are the days when our education system was matching
the environment of the real world.
past years during our fathers times when you get educated,you would have greatest chance for success,that was then,because there were few educated people,nevertheless education makes a different in thinking & knowlgde & ideas of things but now the world has changed & changed so fast,which means our education system need to be advanced,we dont need to be learning those subjects which will never use,we need to shake up our education system,we can not be learning chichewa for 12 years when in offices will be communicating in English through out,learning English literature when i will be in auditing firm,those type of subjects need to be looked scrutinised ofcourse with a management approach because we are not sappose to lose our traditional values also,now there hundreds of people out there educated,having degrees & diplomas,but they cant find jobs,they are failing to cope with real world environment,we need to be learning subjects now to how can we invest money,something of value,how can we save,how can we run a business after all most people who are millionaires,billionaires now did not do it bacause of education,e.g Bill gates,Graham bell,Atcheya himself(lol),we need those type of subjecs right from the bottom,starting from senior classes of primary,secondary heading upwards,all in all my point is we need to shake up our education system for us to survive & create jobs & chances of success

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