1. Not all relationships must lead to
marriage. Some relationships are for a
reason, others are for a season only few
are for a life time. If it doesn’t work out don’t kill yourself because it was for
something. Discover the purpose and
move on.

2. Don’t give a man or a woman the
totality of your heart before giving the
totality of your heart to God. Love that person but put God first.
3. Don’t get carried away with beauty or
money, if that person’s inner person
cannot keep you, his money or her beauty
cannot either.

4. Love is never enough, understanding, compatibility, wisdom, patience and
tolerance are equally important.
5. When the negative signs are more than
the positive signs. It is better to withdraw
your heart before it gets ‘broken’.

6. Extreme jealousy is the quickest way to break that relationship.

7. Don’t demand trust, earn it or build it or
show it.

8. Never you compare him or her to
someone else.

9. Your relationship should not only be marriage driven but care,love and concern

10. Don’t marry him or her because you
saw him or her in church. Many are in
church but not in touch with God.

11. If God give you the woman or man of your dreams you may dreaming the
remaining days of your life. God will only
give you the woman or man for your
dream not of your dreams. Discover your
purpose and you will attract the right
person. If your heart is with God, He will keep men
or women from tampering with it. Proverbs 23:26.

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