Mzukulu wa Nelson Mandela mfumu Madla Mandela wati agogo ake akupezako bwino.
Madla wanena izi pamaliro a mlongo wa Nelson Mandela ,Florence yemwe anamwalira sabata lathali.
Poyankhula muchiyankhulo chakwawo isixhosa Madla wathokoza anthu wose amene akupeleka mafuno abwino kwagogo ake,komanso athokozanso kwambiri madotolo ndinso chipani cha ANC chifukwa chasapoti yomwe awonetsa kwa Mandela.
Mandela watha sabata panopo ali mchipatala akudwala.

Nelson Mandela is recovering
well from a lung infection which
has kept him in a serious
condition in hospital for a week,
says his grandson.

Former South African president
and anti-apartheid hero Nelson
Mandela is recovering well, his
grandson said on Saturday.

The comment by Mandla
Mandela was the latest
indication that the health of his
94-year-old grandfather, South
Africa’s first black president,
was showing signs of
Mandela has been
receiving visits from family
members after he was rushed to
hospital a week ago with a
recurrence of lung problems.

“Madiba is recovering very well
and looks good,” Mandla
Mandela said in Qunu, a village
in the Eastern Cape province
where Mandela was born and
spent his early years.
Speaking in Xhosa at a funeral of
another relative, he said: “I
thank the nation and the world
for the prayers for Madiba, and
the doctors and the office of the
ANC for keeping the family

The South African government
said on Thursday that Mandela
was continuing to recover but
his condition remained serious.

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