We all know Robert Chasowa and how DPP murdered him. Here is something you should know too.

Robert Chasowa was a genious in class all the way from primary through secondary school to college.

It happened that at the time he was going to form 2, his father retired. Before I continue, I must say am writing this as someone who knew him and as someone who stays in Gulliver in Blantyre close to the Chasowas.

You know how hard life becomes when parents retire. But upon seeing his performance in class, his father was impressed. He realised that Robert would soon grow into a responsible son and take care of his young brothers and sisters.

Robert was never my closer friend than his young brother Manzy (aka Biggie) but we played football together and he was a good player. So when form 4 results were out, he passed with flying colours and was selected to go to Poly to do Engineering. We all know that only the best get selected to do this course.

His parents were so happy and this to some extent added the confidence that his father had in him. I have enlighted all this but let me also remind you that Robert loved to stand up for the truth all the way from childhood. He hated injustice and he was never short of action when he sensed something wrong. Highly inteligent, Robie was our role model in the hood. He was the only young boy who was successful on UNIMA entrance during his time.

There were times when his family would be in financial crisis just because his father decided to give him the only money available for his education. To Mr Chasowa, his son Robert was God’s gift to the family and he was so proud.

Some of you have children and you know how beautiful it is when your children impress the community.

In his final year at Poly, Peter Mutharika and his DPP regime thought it wise to end the life of this God’s gift to the Chasowas. We were there at his funeral in Gulliver and we escorted our friend to his final home at HHI cemetry with tears in our eyes. Some of us still cry up-todate when we remember that day.

During our last respect before deperture, I saw Robert lying in his coffin, dressed in black suit with a white shirt. To me, its not a dead person I saw but a proud son of Mr and Mrs Chasowa and a true son of Malawi. I cried, I shed tears especially when I realised that he was gone forever. The realisation of knowing that I would no more see his wisdom again chocked me to death. I looked at his mother who was sitting near the coffin and saw how she cried for her dear son gone too soon because DPP chose to murder him for no reason worthy death sentence.

And the DPP had the audicity through their spokesperson to call Robie a “money hungry child” after they had used and dumped him just like we do with a condom (forgive my comparison).

And now they say that they appologiezed for such attrocities that we should give them a second chance and vote for Peter into power in 2014? Why did they appologies? Because they realised that killing Robert was an awful thing or because they were out of government? Yes we can forgive but we can not forget.

Now you might think that you have support of Malawians simply because JB is also messing up in somethings but she can never cross the line you did. You took away the life of Robert who would have been a graduate by now. His family would have been enjoying his support now. Mumanyadira kuti bambo ndi mai Chasowa anaika mwana wawo m’malo moti mwana aike makolo ake?

Malawians, dont just be excited for DPP now. You will regret.

We will continue to remind you of DPP attrocities from angles that were neglected. Its time for people to remember the truth as we head to elections. Hate us or not but we are digging out more.

May the soul of Robert Chasowa continue to reast in peace and may the lives of Peter Mutharika and his friends who aided his murder find no peace in this life until they die and may they, at that time rest in pieces.

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