The story was sent to our news room, if you can help, please help her. “I am a woman with 25 years old. Am staying in Johannesburg now but l am from Mulanje in Malawi there.

I came to Jo’burg in 2009 after my friend told me she had found a job for me. Being desperate l trekked to RSA for the job but little did l knew that she wanted me to be doing prostitution.

When l come to joburg and knew what she wanted me to do l protested and told her l wanted to go back home to MJ but she told me l was free to go but she never gave me any money for transport.

As l write, l have been doing prostitution for 4 years now. We have a boss who has threatened that any of my attempt to go away to Malawi he will kill me.

I am afraid . I send money to my relatives but don’t know them what job l am doing. How can l take myself from this trap”

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