It would interest you to know that those you consider as young in adult play are not really what you think, as a 16-year-old girl proves it all to her boyfriend in a leaked chat.

Per the viral chat seen by broadcastghana has it that the 16-year-old called  for a break up for a reason that her boyfriend only last for 2 minutes in their adult play.

The man admitted his problem and promised his girlfriend he will find a cure to his s-xual weakness problem.

The 16-year-old said that she might reconsider her decision if the man cures his problem.

Her bold leaked chat with the man upon hitting the internet attracted mixed reactions, having many singing disappointment songs.  While others were of the view that the man should get a remedy to his 2 minutes shots.

Check out the conversation between them as scooped for our cherished readers as below. You can also drop your comment in the section below as well……..

img 1417

img 1418

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