They took the music scene with storm with their Sendeza rhyming lyrics before time drove them apart. Then, each went their way and while Piksy continued rising to stardom in the field of music, Mbonela shrunk from music and established himself as an a radio presenter – famed for his satirical Mikoko programme on MIJ FM.

News, however, has indicated that the two are partnering in the new album that Piksy is yet to release after his parting with Ndefeyo entertainment this September.

According to the musician himself, currently enjoying airplay with the Single Uncle Short One, in his new album he will work with his ‘long-time friend’, Nicholas Mbonela.

Whether they will stick to their Sendeza style is yet to be known when the song will be unveiled but on his official Facebook page when he requested likes for the development, the number was not discouraging. Neither were the comments really.

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