The Belgian Samaritan, Thom Saintfiet, who promised the Malawi nation a qualification to the next level of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil for ‘no cost’ but a $10,000 bounty at beating Nigeria is yet to leave for home (or just plainly become a tourist) at the failure of achieving the far-fetched dream.

On the pretext of assisting the nation achieve its wet dreams of playing on the turf of the World Cup for , Saintfiet jetted into Malawi having had invited himself and said beating the reigning African champions was a ‘mission possible’.

However, on September 7, those dreams were converted into a nightmare when Nigeria slapped the Flames by 2 goals to nil in Calabar. Basing on the contractual obligations of Saintfiet, it was apparent that by now the good Belgian should have been taking a breather of fresh air in Belgium.

However, reports indicate that the Belgian is still in the country. Reports further indicate that the ex-Flames mentor who also had a failed romance with the Nigerian football team on which he failed to exact revenge is still using government resources for his upkeep in the country that expected little from him but he had promised them much.

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