While the Police are saying they are busy investigating the attackers of Budget Director in the Minister of Finance, Paul Mphwiyo, who was shot three times last Friday, rumours are linking the attack to a top official in the government as behind the attack which has largely been claimed to have not been a case of robbery but an aim at silencing him.

It is alleged that Mphwiyo had been in the forefront of fighting against corruption and it was that his fight against corruption that endeared him enemies, rather than admirers.

One of those enemies was, according to reports, a government minister (name withheld) who just decided to get him out of the way after Mphwiyo had denied his corruption advances and had shown that he could have busted the corrupt syndicate in which the minister was the godfather of it all.

The shooting of Mphwiyo reminds people of the mysterious death of Robert Chasowa who is alleged to have been killed by officials in the DPP government so as to silence him as he also had secrets on how the party was aiming at silencing its opponents.

Currently, Mphwiyo is being treated in South Africa.

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