The campaign trial is blazing hot. The whistle stop tours have started yet undercurrent while living in fear of their opponents, the political parties are also living in fear of each other within themselves.

Up to date, no political party has yet announced who will be the running mate to their preferred presidential candidates. While presidential candidates are elected (mostly) chosen at the conventions, running mates are at the discretion of the party presidents to choose from.

While it might appear inconsequential to the voters on who partners their preferred candidate on the ballot box, the choice of a running mate usually makes or breaks a party with mostly party defections while, in other instances, new parties are formed.

For the current People’s Party, the choice could have seemed easier since they have a sitting Vice President who, at least, in the public eye sees the President with some respect. However, for his Mponela bed scandal and an uncontrollable tongue that saw him lambast at the populace earlier in the days many are scared of trusting anybody that comes with him. Thus, the party is lying in a dilemma as well such that such names as Uladi Mussa and Willard Gwengwe have been mentioned.

For DPP, names have popped up that might be considered for the hot second most seat in the party yet the party has chosen to remain mum. Some of the people that one might consider include Dr. Ntaba, Dr. Jean Kalirani or even Dr. Chaponda.

UDF as well has been caught in that same trap with the team surrounding its candidate, Atupele Muluzi, lacking somebody whom people have already linked to the spot.

MCP, on the other hand, having just come fresh from the convention seems less bothered by the question of a runningmate to Dr. Chakwera yet it is still hanging over them as a party to make a wise choice.

For now, the speculations can fly around while the potential candidates keep their fingers crossed or ponder on the next decision to take if luck eludes them.

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