Supporters of Big Bullets football club who, last week, went around town baying for the blood of their own players have been taught a humbling lesson of football: that all days are not Sundays.

Last weekend, the supporters threatened to beat up and even kill some of their players when their team was beaten by Silver Strikers at Kamuzu stadium by 3 goals to 1.

This weekend, however, tables turned when the team traveled to the Central region for the Luso TV clash of the giants bonanza where the team on Saturday managed to revenge the humiliation Silver gave them by beating it by a goal to nil for them to cruise to the next level where they met their arch rivals, Mighty Wanderers.

Bullets eventually were crowned the champions of the bonanza and took home a million Kwacha after defeating their rivals by 4 goals to 3 on post match penalties.

The supporters of the other teams that were handed defeats by Bullets FC, however, did not respond by threatening their players with the possible hope that next time Bullets gets defeated they shall as well as well accept the defeat with grace.

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