The Paul Mphwiyo shooting saga continues to attract media and overall attention. Now, it is Malawi’s donor partners that have requested that they be involved in the investigations surrounding the shooting of the Budget Director in the Treasury.

Below, in quotes, is the memo released by Malawi’s donor partners:

Maybe she needs the help of NYPD
Maybe she needs the help of NYPD

We are greatly concerned about the reported events surrounding the shooting of the Budget Director Mr Paul Mphwiyo. These are worrying developments that potentially risk Malawi’s stability, rule of law and reputation. We urge swift and credible investigations that leave no stone unturned, allowing the investigating authorities to act without fear, intimidation or hindrance. Should the Malawi authorities require international assistance to their investigations into this and other cases, we are willing to respond.

There has been growing concern in Malawi about corruption. We welcome the government’s acceptance that much more needs to be done. We encourage further political will to support the determination of those prepared within government and in state institutions to act against corruption, building on the recently announced measures to strengthen accounting systems and controlling measures. We encourage a strong coalition with others in Malawi society to ensure success and confirm our continued support to them in order that we achieve results.

British High Commission
Delegation of the European Union to Malawi
Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany
Embassy of Iceland
Embassy of Ireland
Embassy of Japan
Embassy of the Kingdom of Norway
Embassy of the United States of America”

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