From grass to grace, then

No maize for Malawians
No maize for Malawians
back to grass with a loud bang…

That is the story of Malawi, in terms of food security. Just when the country thought the whole story of food shortage was done with after the tragic hunger scenarios in the early 200s, the hunger scenario is here again.

At first, it was the government that announced that it would start rationing out maize to its customers to 10 kilograms each person. However, according to media reports, ADMARC depots have run dry in the midst of rationing.

There is no maize to ration.

This situation has caused panic amongst Malawians who have already been hard hit by hurtful economic policies as they now have to dig deeper in their pockets to buy from private traders who are selling the commodity at a higher price.

It is yet to be seen how government is to respond to the situation.

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