How governments lose money – according to Author Stanley Kenani


Memo from President to Minister of Finance:

Honourable Minister, would you please make available, as a matter of urgency, $1 million for my trip to Europe?

Memo from Minister of Finance to Secretary of the Treasury:

Sir: Would you please make available, as a matter of urgency, $2 million for use by the President on the impending tour of Europe? You would do well to deliver this cash to my office for ease of onward remission to the President’s office.

Memo from the Secretary of the Treasury to the Director of Finance:

Dear Director of Finance, This is urgent. The President is going to Europe and, obviously, money is needed. Please prepare cash – all in US dollars – totaling $3 million and make sure to deliver to my office. The minister has asked me to stress to you the urgency of this matter.

Memo from the Director of Finance to the Chief Accountant:

Dear Chief Accountant: The Secretary to the Treasury has authorized me to ask you to prepare a payment of $4 million for use by the President in Europe. Thank you. P.S. Please make sure to deliver this cash to my office.

Memo from the Chief Accountant to the Principal Accountant:

$5 million cash is needed for use by the President overseas. Please prepare this payment and deliver the cash to my office ASAP.

Memo from the Principal Accountant to the Accountant:

Please prepare a cheque and withdraw $6 million cash, bring it to my office. The President needs it for the trip to Scandinavia.

Memo from the Accountant to the Accounts Assistant:

You have my authority to prepare a payment of $7 million for the President’s trip to Iceland. Put the cash in my car.

~ That, anyway, is how our banana republics get screwed~


Milking the citizenry
Milking the citizenry

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