They are not afraid of armed robbers or, if they are, then it is not for their lives but their obscene bounties obtained in ways not so legal.

It is the Police, however, that staff at the Accountant General Offices are afraid of.

According to media reports, evidence is clear that staff at the offices at Capitol hill in Lilongwe are afraid. This comes in the wake of reports of arrests the Police have made of various officials at the offices after finding them with unexplained amounts of money in various currencies in their cars and their homes.

Reports indicate that two more arrests have been made today. The two were found with cash and salary vouchers in their cars

Offices at the Accountant General’s were this morning opened at 9 a.m instead of 7 p.m fueling further the speculations that the officers at the institution are afraid of arrests as most of them have no clean hands and were, probably, busy dusting off their hands by contacting lawyers in case of any eventuality or hiding the cash at some other unsuspected locations.

Capitol hill: The scene being avoided by its own
Capitol hill: The scene being avoided by its own

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