Former Malawi Congress Party President, John Tembo, has called on the country’s President to resign following rampant leaking of cash at the Capitol hill under her own nose.

Tembo’s call comes hours after another call made by Consumer rights activist, John Kapito.

Tembo wondered if there is a government in Malawi with all the ‘madness’ going on at Capitol hill.

“Do we really have a government in place? If we have, how are they allowing this madness at Capitol hill? If they are failing to control affairs of the state then let them get out of the government immediately,” Tembo is quoted as saying.

Using a more moderate approach, Activist Seodi White and DPP President, Peter Mutharika, together with MCP current President, Lazarus Chakwera, have just called on the President to return from her tour in the US where she went for the UN General Assembly.

Senegalese President Macky Sall had to return from the summit after there was a water problem that hit the Capital, Dakar. Meanwhile, Malawi tethers on the brink of losing donor aid as money continues to bleed out of the government coffers through illegal means that have just started being blown over all of a sudden.

Ready to hang JB - Tembo
Ready to hang JB – Tembo

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