The US shutdown has forced President Barack Obama to cancel his trip to Asia so as to find a solution to the crisis.

According to the BBC, Obama will have to miss important high-profile summits in Indonesia and Brunel so as to continue pressing for a solution to the Shut down that has seen hundreds of thousands of US workers being forced to go on an unpaid leave.

President Joyce Banda of Malawi, on the other hand, remains in the US while back home there emerges a greater crisis of corruption and money looting at the Capitol hill offices in the Capital, Lilongwe.
President Joyce Banda left for the UN summit last month and it is not known when she will return as reports indicate that from the US she is expected to go on a holiday.

President Banda’s decision of not returning has received a wide condemnation from the general populace but has drawn support form one political analyst from the University of Malawi, Professor Mustapha Hussein.

Yet to come back home in the face of crisis
Yet to come back home in the face of crisis

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