A Chancellor College lecturer and the current Dean of the faculty of humanities, Bright Molande, has joined the calls in calling for President Joyce Banda to resign amidst the looting at Capitol Hill which, of late, has been alleged to be directly linked to President Banda.

Molande’s call stand in a direct opposite to the views of a fellow academician, Prof. Mustapha Hussein, who did not even dare call for JB’s resignation but made sure that he even backs up the point that the President stays on in the US for there was no crisis in the country.

Molande has been quoted in the local papers as saying that President Joyce Banda’s resignation should not even be weighed against the constitution rather than people’s feelings towards the President and her government vis-a-vis the trust people have in the same government.

“The relationship between the people and the political leadership is, first, based on trust before it becomes a constitutional relationship. So, when that trust has been broken, the President can resign even when the constitution does not lay down grounds for resignation, what matters is trust,” Molande is quoted as saying.

Further, Molande has been quoted as outlining how the nation can go further in the event of the President tendering in her resignation.
“I propose that we start thinking of putting in leadership position three people who should manage the transition,” Molande allegedly said.

Activist John Kapito was the first one to call for President Banda’s resignation after the Capitol Hill locks opened wide and cash oozed out of it.

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