The silent strike going on in the University of Malawi continues to rear its ugly face with Kamuzu College of Nursing and Chancellor College being its latest victims.

According to the information that FaceofMalawi has obtained, it is government’s backtracking on an earlier agreed decision that they will increase salaries of lecturers and support staff by 25% that has instigated the strike.

It is said that earlier this month, government through the University council communicated to the University dons that it will not be able to meet what it had promised and was, therefore, withdrawing its earlier promise. The development has not gone well with the staff of the University who have silently withdrawn their labour.

Kamuzu College of Nursing (KCN) students who were supposed to start their academic calendar today, October 7, have been told to not go to school until further notice by the administration. They join Polytechnic students who were also told to not bother going to school last week and continue with their academic year until they hear from the school administration.

Meanwhile, reports indicate that Chancellor College students have their end of year results withheld by their lecturers on the grounds of the same strike.
With the revelations of money leaking from the Capitol Hill, it is yet to be seen if the lecturers will understand the point by government against the hike that they do not have the money.

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