Letter to the President.

Dear Madam Joyce Banda H.E

In am convinced that there is something seriously wrong going on between your Excellency and Dr. Ken Lipenga Minister of Finance in your government.

This minister expressly admitted having lied to the nation by lying that the Zero Deficit budget was performing well during the Bingu Wa Mutharika administration. He admitted that MRA used to borrow money from commercial banks to spice up its revenue figures. Despite this admission of wrong doing and public’s demand to have him fired for incompetence and dishonesty, you shielded him and he never got the chop.

This time around Dr. Lipenga’s Ministry – the same of Finance – is clearly implicated in a billion kwacha government money looting scam, his Budget Director has been shot in circumstances pointing figures on corruption and fraud in the ministry. Several officers in the Ministry of Finance and others from the Treasury and the Account General’s office have been arrested with hundreds of Millions of Kwacha’s cash unexplained money.

The government payment system – the IFMIS – has been sabotaged by his officers from the government accounting system. Officers from the Ministry of Finance in corroboration with officers from the Office of the President and Cabinet have been implicated and others arrested in a billion Kwacha pay out to a company called International Procurement Services for doing literally nothing.

Apparently the payment(s) were processed and encashed from the government account while Dr. Lipenga your so called Minister of Finance was there ”working” as Minister of Finance.

Madam regardless of all these revelations you have not taken any action against Dr. Ken Lipenga. Lipenga is still the Minister of Finance.

What do you want to see, hear, read, or touch for you to realise that Dr. Lipenga is either utterly incompetent as a Minister of Finance or an outright thief? What is it that is blinding you from seeing the rot in Lipenga’s hands?

Madam president we are told Chief Justice Richard Banda SC ( Retired) is your husband. We expect you to perhaps be madly blind of his weaknesses at least in public because he is your husband. Family decorum will demand so, that may be understood.

Your Excellency, would you please tell Malawians what is it that is so special with this man, Dr. Ken Lipenga in your day to day life to warrant so much protection from you at the expense of 14 Million Malawians?

Waiting for your reply and action

Disappointed citizen


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