President Banda posing with her beneficiaries at a public rally
President Banda posing with her beneficiaries at a public rally

President Joyce Banda, a practicing CCAP Chrsitian, has apparently forgotten one verse in the Bible while she practices another.

In a sheer display of kindness as taught by the Christian faith and its accompanying documents, the President through her Joyce Banda Foundation took on board ten needy College of Medicine students who were on the verge of dropping their studies for lack of funds. The President, however, came to the aid of the students and offered them the much needed support.

However, just as President Banda had practiced the dictates of her faith, came herself again to brush aside the same faith she proclaims to uphold which in no unequivocal manner advises its followers from making public their help towards the needy.

President Banda has now gone on a media campaign of hitting the Television with the faces of the ten needy students whom she has helped. Just the other day, the ten were on the Television with her and on Mothers’ day she had to show them at a mass rally which was fed into the same television cameras that carried the story of her generosity just a day before.

One can only wonder how far this campaign of President Banda will go to in using the name of unsuspecting and poor students whose only crime was to be intelligent but poor.

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