Forget that their water hardly comes out, forget that in some areas the taps are mere decorations, forget that they have an excuse for every reason, forget every little thing about them but remember one thing:

If you are in Blantyre and surrounding areas and rely on the water from the Blantyre Water Board then plan to dig deeper into your pockets to settle them for their unavailable water.

The Blantyre Water Board has announced that it is going to raise its water tariffs to its customers by 13%. The Board has disclosed this despite complaints from their customers of the erratic availability of the water supplied by the sole provider of water in the nation.

Not long ago, the Board was on air claiming to the public that their service provision had changed and people would not stay for more than three days without water. However, as it happened, it turned out to have been mere jokes spewed by a technocrat who lives in an area where water is not a problem.

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