It is the first time in the history of Malawi. Some religious leaders have backed up homosexuals of course; however, all have been from the Christian faith. A Mangochi sheikh, nevertheless, has come out in the open to throw his weight against the discrimination of gays and lesbians basing on their sexual orientation.

Speaking in an exclusive interview to the local media, Sheikh Mdala Ali Tambuli said that gays being fellow people deserve to be loved as well as get understanding from religious people and members of the society alike.

He reiterated his claim at a workshop on Sexual and reproduction health in Blantyre that mainly focused on minority rights.

At the workshop, he said that despite the religious leaders having an understanding that homosexuality was condemned in their respective holy books, they also understood that homosexuals were people who deserved such things as love, protection and support as every other human being. He went further to add that homosexuals should be left to enjoy their rights.

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