Embattled Minister of Justice Ralph Kasambara who, this morning, had a rude awakening when heavily armed Police raided his compound has said he has nothing to say on the police raid of his house this morning.

Kasambara, who was not at home at the time of the raid, speaking in an interview to Zodiak Broadcasting Station indicated that he was aware that the police had raided his compound.

However, when pressed to comment further on the issue, the PP director of legal affairs refused saying that his time will come when he will have to comment but not today.

“Time will come when I will say something and when I say it, we will see,” said Kasambara.

Meanwhile, according to deputy police spokesperson, Davie Chingwalu, the police were searching for number plates and a car in connection to the shooting of budget director, Paul Mphwiyo. He said the police had found nothing so far but investigations are still ongoing.

The police did not just leave the house of Kasambara but arrested his houseboy who was taking pictures of them. They have arrested him under the charge of obstructing justice.


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