There has been a heavy criticism to the Malawi police service and Malawi government in general over the manner in which they have handled the case of ruling Peoples’ Party executive member, Oswald Lutepo’s, arrest.

According to social commentaries observed on social media by FaceofMalawi, some Malawians have serious reservations over justice being served in the arrest of Lutepo.

Lutepo who has been linked to the cash-gate scam in more ways than one was said to be on Interpol’s wanted list by the Malawi police but his name did not appear on the list until after he was finally safely home in Malawi.

Yesterday, the businessman who has also been said to be the PPs main financier arrived in the country through the Kamuzu international airport and never met any hurdle as he cleared himself through the security of the airport.

Later on, the man said to be aspiring for a parliamentary seat in Kasungu went to hand himself over to the Police headquarters at Area 30.

The manner in which Lutepo got through all his surrender is what has raised doubts on Malawians if indeed the Joyce Banda regime is serious about fighting crime and corruption in the country.

One observer observed that the way the Lutepo issue had been handled displayed that the government was just attempting to fool Malawians.

“This is fooling us. You mean a wanted man passes through all airport security checkpoints, clears himself and then on his own surrenders himself to Police?” queried the observer.

His sentiments have as well been shared by many others who have labeled the attempt as a smokescreen by the Banda government.

Meanwhile, another fugitive Pika Manondo who is suspected to have been involved in the attempted murder of Paul Mphwiyo has disclosed that he will be jetting into the country this weekend to hand himself over to the police apparently in the Lutepo manner.

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