Reports indicate that the United States of America will be closing its taps of aid to Malawi in the light of the Capitol Hill looting revelations that have come to be known as Cash-gate scandal.

The decision by the US comes hot on the heels of a statement by its ambassador to Malawi, Jeanine Jackson, that the US was not going to close its aid taps as President Banda was in control of the situation.

However, another high placed source has disclosed that the ambassador made the remarks unilaterally and the US was now bent on closing its donor aid taps to the Malawi government.

The source further clarified that the US government would only close taps of aid that go directly to government and not those that benefit the poor masses of the Malawi population that is reliant on aid.

“The US government will continue supporting all aid programmes that benefit directly poor people but will close the taps of its aid to the Malawi government,” said the source.

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