MCP torchbearer, Lazarus Chakwera, is returning this afternoon via the Kamuzu International Airport after spending over a fortnight in the US where he was meeting investors.

Chakwera who has been described as a good leader by some of the investors he met returns to find various juicy stories that can easily be converted into campaign materials on the local scene in as far as the Cash-gate scandal is concerned.

A former President of the Malawi Assemblies of God, Chakwera is the only hot contender for the Presidency of the 2014 elections to not be mentioned with the abuse of state coffers after revelations had emerged last week that UDF torchbearer, Atupele Muluzi, had a shoddy deal with some Asian agency when he was the minister of Economic planning and development in the JB regime.

The DPP has got its hands tainted as well after revelations emerged that under their reign, MK 90 billion was lost. The current President is yet to leave the Cash-gate scam unscathed.


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