Ruling on businessman and PP’s deputy director of recruitment and sensitization, Oswald Lutepo’s bail application in which he is accused of money laundering and stealing from state coffers will be delivered tomorrow at the Zomba High Court.

Lutepo who is alleged to have been one, if not the main, contributor to the fleet of cars that the PP boast of, was arrested after it was discovered by the Anti-Corruption Bureau that one of his companies had received a payment of MK 1 billion from the office of the President and cabinet for doing nothing.

At the time that the ACB got an arrest warrant for him, Lutepo was overseas and Malawi police said it had placed him on an Interpol wanted list before he returned home.

He was then remanded to Zomba maximum security prison where media reports indicated that he was receiving VIP treatment as he lived in a cell of his own.

The state argues that Lutepo should not be given bail as he might interfere with investigations but also has stolen too much from the public. On the other hand, the defense argues that Lutepo is not a flight risk as he handed over himself to the police.

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