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9 days more in custody for Kasambara


The High Court of Malawi through Judge Esmie Chombo sitting in Lilongwe has added nine more days to the misery of ex-minister of justice, Ralph Kasambara, who is accused of an attempted murder on Paul Mphwiyo’s life.

After hearing arguments from both sides of the case, that is the state and the defense team for Kasambara, Justice Chombo has indicated that the ruling on whether the PP director of legal affairs has to be granted bail or continue being held by the Police will be made on November 22 at the same court.

The judge made the ruling despite Kasambara’s defense arguing that their client is not feeling well. The judge said that Kasambara will be receiving medical attention while in custody until the 22nd when the judge will make her ruling on the matter.

The other suspects in the case were committed to prison and their bail applications were subsequently denied.

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