Minister of tourism and Member of parliament for Blantyre City South, Moses Kunkuyu, has come in to dispel rumors that he owns Pika car hire which has closed  shop in an apparent fear of the Cash-gate investigations currently underway.

Speaking to the media, Kunkuyu said that he does not own the car hire and does not possess such a number of vehicles that Pika car hire is said to have.

A former minister of information who has survived all of President Joyce Banda’s cabinet reshuffles said that if the rumour that he owns 32 vehicles was a prophecy then he cannot wait for it to pass since to him it never has any iota of the truth.

Reports have implicated Kunkuyu in an ownership of Pika car hire which was new in town but closed shop with the arrival of the Cash-gate crisis investigators. It is said that with the arrival of the investigators, drivers were sent packing from the car hiring company.

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